But there he goes!

While spectating from the stands of an actual football game is the best way to watch the game, credits must be given to the sports commentators who make the boob-tube viewing experience a little more hands-on.

They keep the energy alive when the ball is dead and spit facts when the action is slow. Games around the nation have heard and still hear the sweet sounds of some of the greats in the play-by-play booth, including but not limited to, Pat Summerall, John Madden, Al Michaels, Collinsworth, Gruden, and Tirico, to name a few.

However, we also have Kevin Harlan.

If you were struck with misfortune and missed one of the most humorous calls in football, nay, sports history, check out the video above.

In the world of broadcast journalism, and more specifically within the niche of sports, the chances for humor and blips of personality are minimal at best. Everyone sticks relatively close to the rigid guidelines. Especially when a fan runs on the field.

Harlan was calling the play-by-play action for Westwood One radio for the Monday night matchup between the Rams and 49’ers and spruced up the snooze of a game. Like previously mentioned, a “fan” found his way onto the field and Harlan showed what he was capable of. This was a valuable call that set him apart from the crowd. It is difficult to find your own spotlight when you call the plays of the athletic stars that bring in the TV ratings. Harlan demanded the spotlight and the laughs erupted around the social-media globe.

“I would not want people thinking I am looking for attention or trying to one-up calls,” Harlan said that he felt uncomfortable with his actions during an interview with Sports Illustrated.  There is an understood rule in the world of sports broadcasting to not pay any mind to people who disrupt the game, but Harlan went for it.

Humorous, unique and yet still respectful to the job that he has devoted 32 years of his life to, Harlan is among the greats.

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