Come out to Play


Image by: Flickr

After an embarrassing dethroning last year, Golden State Warriors are here to play. Not only do they have the tools to be successful in their feats, they have a heavy burden of revenge. Something about 3-1?

At any rate, Golden State leads not only the Western Conference, but the league with a 47-9 record, and although the Spurs and Rockets are close behind, Golden State has the arsenal to make it to the Finals and bring home the big trophy.

As if Golden State weren’t a powerful force enough last year, they added another great asset to the roster; Kevin Durant. He is putting up 25 PPG and working the defensive end of the spectrum. Alongside Durant, you have Curry with 25 PPG and Klay Thompson with 22 PPG. This team is averaging 118 PPG. Let the record also show that this team produced 4 All-Star players this year.

In the Western Conference, numbers two and three are the Spurs and the Rockets.

The Spurs crushed the Warriors in October; 129-100. Kawhi Leonard scored 35 points and LaMarcus Aldridge had 26 points. The Spurs also racked up offensive rebounds, furthering their possession time. In Houston, Rockets beat Golden State in a rigorous matchup that went to double-overtime; 132-127.

Point being, these teams are not making the path exactly easy but we all know who will move forward despite anyone creating chatter that there may be an upset.

Regardless, Golden State will get to the Championship and a fine Cavs/GSW trilogy will ensue. We will ultimately see the Warriors take it all home.

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