5,6,7,8! Which team do we overrate?

At the risk of sounding relentless, the Dallas Cowboys are the most overrated franchise in sports.

People love to overhype “America’s team” with no current or updated evidence. Much worse, the die-hard fans of the Cowboys are the most bombastic and pompous people on the planet with no real argument supporting their inflated claims.

Did I say relentless? I meant it.

Let the facts prove why the Cowboys just aren’t that great.


Cowboys Championship Banners Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

The franchise has two postseason wins in the last 20 seasons and in total, have less postseason wins than the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yikes. This should be enough to shut the argument down but the list is too long to spare the details.

They have not won a Super Bowl since 1996. Since the Cowboys last won the Super Bowl, Tiger Woods won his first Masters at age 21, the Titanic movie was released, Google became a thing and nine models of the iPhone have been released.

Even Titanic fans don’t talk about the Titanic the way Cowboys fans talk about the Cowboys.

Speaking of sinking ships, Jerry Jones’ management style causes issues from top to bottom.

Jones’ football management is mediocre and this should not be shocking. His business background lies mostly in the oil industry and nowhere near football. He has turned the Cowboys into a marketing conglomerate and will likely continue focusing on strengthening the brand as opposed to the backbone of the team.

Not only is there chaos in the offices of the Cowboys, the players are not held to (nor hold themselves to) any behavioral standard off the field. Their falsified confidence gets them into a whole lot of trouble. The Cowboys are told they are great simply because they are Cowboys and this diminishes regard for acting as upstanding citizens of the NFL community.

We get it, we get it. The 90’s were amazing. 3 Super Bowls in 5 years, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Jimmy Johnson’s perfect hair were all outstanding attributes to the dynasty that was the Dallas Cowboys. However, nostalgia is nostalgia for a reason; it’s in the past.


Jones and fans still basking in the glory of the 90’s

Certainly with Dak and Zeke on the field, anything is possible. There is a glimmer of hope for the franchise if, and only if, there are some structural adjustments to the most valuable team in football. As for now though, the Cowboys are the most overrated franchise in sports.

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