social media makes the world go round (very quickly, in fact).

Information consumption is global. Around the world, consumers are all looking for the best, most reliable way to get this information. However, as the internet and social media have become more popular, the way that the information is produced and distributed has changed drastically and the way that consumers process and take in this information has transformed incredibly as well.

Over the last 15 years, print media has declined drastically and people have begun turning to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for their news updates. Because of this, print publications have had to internally switch gears. The question arose, “We have great content, but how do we keep up?” With this, we have seen print media become digital. Huge publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press have created a digital consumption platform.

Sports Illustrated does an excellent job of creating click-friendly content via all social media sites. If a user is browsing on the Sports Illustrated twitter page, there are stories with huge graphics to capture the attention and draw in readers. Once a user clicks on the links, a new tab opens. This is important because a user will not lose their spot on the Twitter feed when they decide to stop reading. This is a free, user-friendly way to get information to the public without much disruption.

From print to the edges of our mobile devices, information has gone through a mobile-metamorphosis. Social media has completely turned the world of information-sharing upside down. It is fast, generally cheap and effective in spreading news around the globe.


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