journalist + audience = friends with benefits

When a journalist actually takes the time to communicate with his or her readers, something beautiful happens; a beneficial relationship. A journalists strong online presence is becoming an absolute must for journalists building their brand and spreading their stories. The journalist can crowdsource, get story ideas, important feedback and simply connect with their audience. The audience gets quality information, topics they want to read about, and a personal touch. The journalist and the audience; friends with benefits.

Successful journalists have learned that the key to becoming a major source of news information is getting the audience to connect with you. Anderson Cooper is a well-known journalist. He’s personable, adventurous, hardworking and social. He’s also just a straight bad-ass.

He has an ever-growing audience that currently sits at roughly 10 million on Twitter but he still manages to keep his head above water, deliver cold-hard facts and even get to know his enormous audience a little better. I enjoy his twitter because it is highly professional, factual and every now and then, fun.


He has earned his credibility through years of working in the field of journalism. Cooper is found in the eyes of hurricanes, the pit of fires, the heartbreak of the most devastating worldly issues and the stage of a studio but, he always hits home for his audience.

Just like Cooper, many other successful journalists do not simply sit down, type a story and put it out there; they connect with their audience in a variety of ways to get the best content out in the best way possible. This is the new age of journalism. The writer and the audience are the couple of the century.


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