5 Twitter Tips to Keep in Mind

After studying and analyzing KHOU Sports Reporter Daniel Gotera’s social media, I gathered a few tricks and condensed them into the top five things a user can do to be a brighter, better tweeter. 

1.  Find a balance between active and annoying.

Users don’t want to follow Twitter pages where the owner isn’t active and engaging. They also don’t want to see boring, mindless tweets every few minutes that become annoying. That often means posting every day, and even posting more than once in a day and making sure there is a reason for the post. LeBron James found that balance between active and annoying. 


2. Include something other than words in your tweets. 

We are an audience that needs flash and color in the things we are viewing. We want to see photos, videos, links, etc. in the tweets as well. This gives an entirely new element to what a Twitter user is trying to say with his/her tweet. This tip will make tweets more than one-dimensional. Kristine Leahy will add videos of what she tweets about. 

3. Using hashtags and mentions will up your game. 

Hashtags add you into a stream of similar conversations and can connect you to likeminded individuals or get your point across to an audience who is interested. Mentions will pull certain people towards your tweet and directly engage specific individuals. Cassidy Hubbarth uses hashtags and mentions to her advantage without overdoing them.  

4. Be entertaining but professional. 

Twitter is not just used for social media. Employers use this tool to look up potential candidates as well. You need to find a way to entertain/inform your followers while remaining professional and acting in accordance to your potential job title. Mashable has a great article explaining this balance in a little more detail. 


5. Talk to your audience directly.

Once you’ve mastered the first four Twitter-tips, you’ve got start getting involved with your audience to create a mutually beneficial relationship. You need to speak with your audience directly by responding to their tweets. Do not give in to the trolls of the internet, but really find a way to become accessible to your followers. Daniel Gotera does an excellent job of getting involved while staying away from the haters. 



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