News on Snapchat; it’s a thing.

The New York Times and Bleacher report are two of my preferred news organizations and they are making it easier than ever to get my news fix by utilizing Snapchat.

Bleacher Report is a leader in sports news and the New York Times is a leader in news in general. While Bleacher Report has always tended to the curious sports-minds of a younger generation, the New York Times has notoriously solidified itself as an esteemed-publication. However, both of these news organizations have also mastered the use of Snapchat for creating fresh content and reaching a young, fast-paced audience.

Bleacher Report will constantly update content to match whatever sports or hot topics are in the news currently. Todays’ story features basketball related highlights and stories. For example, in the screenshot I took from my phone while browsing the BR snapstory, is one of the examples of the short, sweet and informative stylized posts that the organization uses to spread the news about their top stories. IMG_2263

Along with quick and readily available information, Bleacher Report also posts stories that viewers and followers can swipe up if they are interested in reading more. This allows people to catch the headlines quickly and then decide if they want to dive deeper. IMG_2264.jpeg


The New York Times finally found a balance between esteemed journalism and fresh, young content with the use of Snapchat. They found a way to break news, tell stories and even get connected with current memes and hot topics on the internet and among other social media sites.




As you can see, they also give the option to slide up to read more about certain stories. They also really utilize attractive fonts, colors and photos for its’ readers and followers. They also attach music or sounds to their snaps. They will tie it to the theme of the story that has been posted. This creates an entirely new dimension to the snaps.



As if I didn’t love these news organizations enough already, they have provided a fast, easy and fun way for me to get my need for news and constant updates on the world around me. Keep killin’ it, BR and NYT. Much love.


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