No news is good news and FAKE NEWS is bad news.

fakenewsFake news. We’ve all heard the term. What is it though?

Fake news is news, stories, or hoaxes that are created to deliberately mislead or misinform the readers. 

While fake news is not necessarily new, it has certainly been on the rise as of late. In earlier years, readers got the news from trusted sources, journalists and media outlets that are required to follow strict codes of practice before putting out any information.  However, since the explosion of the internet, there has been a new way to publish, share and consume information. However, this new form of journalism has very few barriers to entry and very few standards.

Because many people now get news from social media sites and networks there is a much higher chance that the news isn’t exactly….real. If you want to get to know more about fake news, check out the video in this article published by Webwise.

The biggest problem with fake news is that false information spreads much faster than the truth. According to NBC news, the truth took six times as long to reach 1,500 people. That’s ridiculous.

Social media sites are working on steps to reduce the amount of fake news that is spread.  For example, YouTube has worked on stricter policies when it comes to hoax videos and other social media sites have announced certain initiatives to remove bots, reducing political advertisements and even hiring more moderators to detect purveyors of fake news.

Fake news is detrimental because, like mentioned earlier, it spreads much faster than the truth. This could permanently damage a persons reputation. Even if the truth finally comes out, minds have been changed and the damage is done.

Check your sources, map your news and don’t retweet that same video of a shark swimming on the highway after a serious flood. It’s just not true.


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