The analytics behind the class-assigned tweets; how the hashtags helped the numbers.

After a semester of creating content and posts for a News and Social Media class at the University of Houston, I will finally spend some time seeing how these posts did with Twitter Analytics. I am most focused on my Twitter account because that is where I put the most emphasis. I am going to break it down by strengths, weaknesses and how I am going to improve before the end of the semester.

Strengths; February 2018. I put in some serious social media work in February. During this month, I made over 40,000 impressions. I feel famous. Ahem, back to reality. My top tweet earned over 3,000 impressions during a class-assigned scavenger hunt. Want to be impressed as well? The tweet is below:

I believe that this tweet reached such an audience because I tagged the University of Houston in it, added a video and gave attribution to the artist in the post. This was a combination of a few things that I learned in this class this semester and it clearly worked.

Weaknesses; Right Now. April 2018 has slowed down in the impressions department. My top tweet only earned 721 impressions and overall, 11 days into the month, I have only earned about 5,000 impressions.

I believe that my decreasing number of impressions is due to the fact that I have tweeted far less than I did in February and March. Tweeting was not put at the top of my priority list as the semester comes to a close.

However, on that note; I have installed an action plan. The semester comes to an end in the beginning of May. Until then, I will up my game on Twitter again by using hashtags, mentions and photos/videos. My followers react positively when I attach media to any of my tweets so I will capitalize on that realm of interest. I plan to tweet at least once a day related to my beat and twice a day related to my life (this keeps people coming back to my page. More page views= more engagements. It’s that simple). The tweet below got over 900 engagements.

I have about three weeks left in this class so the action plan starts today. Be on the lookout for more tweets and more hashtags. I’ll be looking out for more engagements. 


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