Lessons learned from News and Social Media

Have you ever taken a college class that you truly felt like you wasted your time and resources and ultimately ended up learning nothing??? News and Social Media was NOT one of those classes.

I learned everything from creating a personal brand to correctly timing and placing hashtags to make them more effective. Let me walk to through the most valuable things that this course taught me.

  1. A personal brand is important. This is something that I have been working on, especially this semester. This is not something that you create, because we all have one already. However, I learned how to emphasize myself and capitalize on my best attributes. I learned to keep it clear for my viewers, consistent across all social media platforms and to keep it brief. I get to the point. I balance work and whimsy. I am king of everything that I do. That’s my brand. 


    This is my (mobile view) of my Twitter profile. I keep it simple. On brand. 

  2. Hashtags aren’t simple creatures. I never really used hashtags in my tweets before this class. The addition of hashtags to a tweet can amplify the number of engagements like crazy. Most recently, a simple photo of a building under construction  got over 4,000 engagements in 3 hours because I used three hashtags. Hashtags are powerful and can link you to likeminded people. 
  3. I really enjoy covering sports. This is something I already knew but this class taught me different ways to enjoy it as a journalist. Sometimes it can be challenging to mix business and pleasure (at least they say not to), but I found that it can be done and it can be fun!

Sitting court-side for a basketball game that I was assigned to live-tweet. Business and pleasure all in one photo. 

Journalism isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s constantly growing and changing to fit the needs of our generation and the upcoming trends that we haven’t even conceptualized yet. Print journalism isn’t necessarily dead but it has certainly taken a backseat to social-media based news. This is something that will not be changing, at least for a long time, Going forward, it’s going to be online, fast and fun. I was fortunate enough to live during the time of both stages. I remember watching the nightly news with my parents when I was young, and now I get updates every second on my phone about things happening in the world. Journalism is progressing at ridiculous rates and I am so happy to be a part of it. 


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