Head Coach

From a professional-level standpoint, the head coach of a football team needs a few things to be great.

Starting with extensive knowledge of the game. Inside and out, the head coach knows it. This most likely started from an early age, as he suited up for the big game himself. From the little leagues to the Super Bowl, he’s had some experience.

He studies film and understands the individual and fundamental differences of each and every player on the field.

He lives and breaths options, bootlegs, routes, screens, play actions, T-formation, I- formation, 3-4, 4-3, rules, regulations and penalties.

This is not me. I do not qualify for an NFL coaching position.

But I am the head coach of this blog.

I will keep the autobiography as brief as possible, because the good content in located in the body of this beautiful website.

My college career started when I left Houston and attended West Virginia University. I was in the Honors Program for Forensic Science and Criminology. After a year of the Morgantown lifestyle (burning couches, flipping cars, things of that nature), I made a list of four cities that I wanted to live in and before I knew it, I was on my way to Wilmington, North Carolina. I was studying psychology in this little beach town when I decided I wanted something bigger. Six months later, I drove from coast to coast and made my new home in San Diego, California. I went to Mesa Community College and decided to study business economics (a major that sounds like a snooze, because it is a snooze). I fell in love with this city. However, I could not fall in love with the $35,000 (sans living expenses) tuition for SDSU. Short story even shorter, that is how I made my next home in Houston, Texas (stay classy, San Diego. You will be my home again one day).

I am now studying what I should have been doing all along; Broadcast Journalism. Between the moves and majors, I put my passion of sports and sports reporting on the back burner. The University of Houston has already put me miles ahead. I work for CoogTV covering football, UH Athletics as a Video Operations student worker and I have had the honor to work for Lone Star Gridiron and the Dan Patrick Show for the Final Four and Super Bowl LI.

My path has been different compared to my peers, but it has been great.

I have gained extensive knowledge in how the world works, different part-time jobs, many areas of study and a good bit about sports, even without any playing experience.

With every city and state that I have spent time in, I understand individual and fundamental differences between cultures, people and their definition of Mexican food (Houston still has the best definition).

I live and breath gaining experience, enjoying life, food, friends and sports.

This is me.

And I am the head coach of this blog.

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